Thursday, May 2, 2013

Longing for the Land

[This is Casey again . . .]

It has been a while since I have last written, but God has kept me pretty busy lately. I have been working at finishing up the year, teaching high school theology, preparing to move to the farm, and just over a month ago, my wife gave birth to our first child (on earth), Miriam! God has allowed me to get enough of my work done today to take a slight break and write a quick blog post. I just wanted to check in describe my excitement for turning my podium into a "plowshare" and lesson plans into "pruning hooks."

Too often this past year, I have taught all day only to come home and work on the next day's lesson for most of the evening, taking a break for dinner. For anyone who has ever taught, you can probably remember the first year you taught a new subject and all the extra work that you put in. This year I taught one entirely new subject and another partly new subject, all while taking on an extra section (and so losing a prep period--but getting much-needed monetary compensation for teaching the extra class, thanks be to God). My wife can attest that I've tried and tried to figure out a way to speed up the lesson planning process, and many times I've been successful, but the evening-consuming lesson plans have still come too often. I've felt like I've been failing in my duty as a husband to be present with my wife. Lesson planning is one thing for which I definitely won't have a nostolgia. When I visited the farm last year, I loved how we put in a good day's work and called it a night--allowing for us to really be present to our families in the evening. I long to have that again.

Six weeks from tomorrow, our family (assisted by a couple of close friends) will venture from Austin, TX, where God has placed us for the past two years, 10 hours north to St. Leo, KS.

Every time I tell someone about our move, the excitement builds. Just today, I was talking with the mother of one of my students, and the zeal for the life on the land just welled up in me. Praise God for this opportunity and for all His blessings! If you are thinking about making the move onto the land, stay close to Our Lord, and open to His will--let Him direct you. If He wants you there, He will make it happen. One thing you can do is to contact Kevin, and let him know. He's trying to gather lists of people who have farms and people who want to farm, so that the Catholic Land Movement can eventually work as a resource to connect them.

In Christ,


Devin Rose said...

Amen and amen. I'm so excited for y'all.

Xacinto Bastida said...

We pray for you from Spain.
And trying to make everyone know about Catholic Land Movement.
God bless you.

Valerie said...

Congratulations!!! So very excited for you and your family. Praying for a successful end to your school year ( I taught for 10 years in public school and the testing pressures those last few years really wore down my spirit!), and safe travels to Kansas from Texas.