Thursday, April 18, 2013

Moving Forward with a New Catholic Land Movement

Despite my recent lack of posting on here I would like to assure all of the followers and supporters of the New Catholic Land Movement that we have things in the works. It has now been over five years since I set off on this journey back to the land. I've been writing here for over four. Now, by the grace of the Holy Spirit, we are seeing these ideas and hopes and dreams come to fruition. We are working toward building real Catholic community here on the plains of KS. We are working toward making the NCLM a non-profit so that we can apply for grants and hopefully get the money needed to truly assist families in getting back to the land. In the future we hope to be able to train several families at a time and provide them with a wage, housing, and food. We'll see what God does with all of this.

Our once fledgling farm is growing by leaps and bounds as we introduce a new family to the farming life this year. My brother-in-law is also working for us this season. The weather is wet and cold, and it is quite a change from last year. I have gathered a group of fellow men who want to pursue and promote the Catholic rural ideal. Hopefully in time we will have a network of Catholic farms across the country. If you are a Catholic farmer and would like to be on a list of NCLM farms then please contact me with your contact info. We are working on a new website, and this old blog will then be put in the archives. I have hope for the future of the NCLM. A conversation with one of the men mentioned above this morning reinvigorated my desire to write here and keep the dream alive. We will be looking for supporters of many kinds in the near future (spiritual, financial, agricultural). Please contact me if you'd like to support us in this. I receive several emails a week from people who want to farm, but can't figure out how to get on the land. The NCLM can be that link.

So please note that while I am absent on here, there is much going on. You try to have energy to blog after planting 14,000 onion plants! :) I hope to be on here more again. Keep up your prayers for the success of our endeavors.



Anonymous said...



Perhaps there is a co-operative movement of some sort in your part of Kansas that might help support the rural development, regardless of it being "faith-based"?


Jonathan Waldburger said...

I look forward to reading more. This blog is very encouraging. Our situation here in South Africa is very different, but my family and I share your vision for a return to the land. With all the severe social ills in our cities, it is truly a prophetic witness that I believe our Lord is calling Catholics to make. God bless you on your journey.