Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Starry Eyed Dreamer

I suppose I would be classified within the group called "Starry Eyed Dreamers." I also realize that my utopian visions of the perfect farm and such have been greatly tempered by experience. I suppose there are many out there who would abandon the cubicle and flee to the fields, but the difficulty lies in the fields, not in the cubicle. I started this journey over four years ago as a country boy living in the city. Four years later I am quickly becoming a seasoned veteran. I've learned that no amount of dreaming about the perfect garden will ever make up for a lack of knowledge and experience. Those perfect pictures of the four season homestead seen in the old Currier and Ives prints have alwasy fascinated me. Can such pastoral scenes come to reality? I will try, but I also know that they don't come from dreaming. That may be the beginning, but ultimately it is the down in the dirt hard work, and the blows of experience that make possible the bringing into reality of our dreams.

I suppose that most who dream about that perfect farmhouse fail to think about the reality that such farmhouses come with the same problems as an old tractor. They don't always run like they should. I keep a roto rooter cable around all the time here at our "Old Farmhouse" so I can run it down drains when they plug as they do every couple of weeks. Such places are beautiful as is our home in the country, but also they are often worn down and in need of constant love and repairs. Sometimes this is a test of my mettle. I'd prefer to go out and "play" in the dirt, but sometimes the dishes need washed and the sink drain is plugged. I was never able to see this as part of the dream, but it is because it is more than a dream, it is reality here on the land. You can have a lovely outhouse in your dreams, but in reality it is a stinky outhouse with a cold seat in winter and heavy stench in summer. We don't like to think of those things in our dreams. :)

I suppose living this life has brought home to me reality. My small seed starting hoophouse was blown down two days ago by 50 mph winds. These are common here in southern KS. Dreams are not reality, but they are the beginning. All I can say is that when you pursue that life in the country be prepared for the reality that comes when you follow your dreams. This is a beautiful life, but it is one where you come face to face with your crosses in life. It is easy to live lives where we never encounter our weaknesses. Here on the land we come face to face daily with our own shortcomings. This life also reminds you of your weakness and you have no illusions about who is really in control of the universe. Many professions can provide a false veneer of power and prestige, but farming provides none of that. What it does provide is the daily opportunity to try your best to grow in virtue and to accept God's will no matter what it is.  This is not easy, but it is good.



Lena ~ JOYfilled family said...

Deo gratias! May you continue to find Him in the reality of your dreams. Prayers for a blessed and fruitful Lenten Season and crop.

Ad Jesum per Mariam,

David Meyer said...

Kevin have you ever taken a MBTI personality test? There are 16 different personality types in that system and one of them is basically the equivalent of "Starry Eyed Dreamer". If your interested, it just takes a couple minutes and is online for free.

My wife and I and our friends and family have found it very interesting and fun!

You said:
"It is easy to live lives where we never encounter our weaknesses. Here on the land we come face to face daily with our own shortcomings. This life also reminds you of your weakness and you have no illusions about who is really in control of the universe."

It is true that the cubicle is "easier". Working for someone elses dream is always easier, because your failures don't mean much to you. But neither do the successes. I love how you can have peace in the good and bad that comes your way on the homestead Kevin.

Kevin Ford said...


INTJ -Mastermind In the classical temperaments I am a melancholic choleric which basically makes me a driven idealist. It drives my wife crazy at times. Also, it is not always easy to accept the good and bad on the homestead. Yet, that is part of the process. It is really frustrating to do a day's work and see on 55mph gust destroy it. Yet, that is the reason we called our farm "Fiat Farm." It is in this self-surrender to God in everything that we become who we are meant to be.


Martin S. said...

Probably already know this site, though just in case.

David Meyer said...

Kevin as an INTJ you are 2.1% of total population and 3.3% of male population. Very rare and powerful type.
I am an INFP (Idealist/healer)
Which means I am a not-so-driven idealist. Which also drives my guardian wife nuts.

This site has some really interesting descriptions of the 16 types:

Kevin Ford said...


My wife is the "Seller" type. I'm not sure if it is completely accurate for her. She is not the social butterfly type, but does truly need others. I am a bit of a hermit. Thanks for the information.