Saturday, January 14, 2012

CLM Networking

Week after week I get emails coming in from people across the globe asking questions about the Catholic Land Movement (CLM), and week after week I must tell them that there is no formal organization. We are in need of something more. There are literally thousands of Catholics of all stripes out there who would like a way to be connected and to bring some organization to the desire of the families and individuals who want a return to an agrarian/distributist Catholic life. I would like to set forth a couple of possible proposals. This blog has long been the endeavour of one layman, but the original CLM was much more. It was both organized and each group while connected was quite autonomous. With modern technology we have the possibility of having much more communication between various groups and organizations. I have two proposals I will now put forward. Please let me know your thoughts and if you are interested in either or both.

1. Catholic Land Newsletter: Most movements begin their organizational stage through the dissemination of ideas. The letter could become the basis for this. Its format could be either electronic or written. We need writers for this endeavour! If I can get half a dozen interested in writing then I will put this together. I would probably then upgrade everything I am doing to a better site online so as to keep everything up to date, but I am a technological ignoramus and would need assistance in creating a site. I have access to approximately two hundred emails that could be sent the first newsletter.

2. Catholic Land Conference: This idea has been floating around in my head for some time. We would need a location that could house us. We also would need funds for advertisement, etc. Clear Creek might host us as they did the Dr. Senior Colloquium, but many would have to stay in local hotels, etc. We would need a few speakers, but I think the first conference would simply be a get together to organize the movement.

These are my two ideas for a start. They are not grand, but a simple beginning. All great things begin simply. The life of our Lord is just such an example. I need to hear from those of you who have expressed interest in organizing this movement. We need to be reminded that the enemy never sleeps. We can undoubtedly be assured that the enemies of the Church are highly organized and carry out their plans with ferocity. We too must be equally organized, and realizing our weakness, allow our Lord to carry out in us all of His plans.

Pax Christi sit semper vobiscum,


Maria said...

I think both ideas are good ones, and if the Holy Spirit is present, you won't need it to be a huge, magnificent event! The fire will spread effortlessly. I would definitely subscribe to the newsletter and possibly make it to the conference.

Devin Rose said...

Kevin, I'd be happy to write for the newsletter. I'll email you with my contact info.

A conference would be great; only issue might be that many of us interested are saving our pennies trying to get to the land or keep our farms going! I'd say start with a newsletter and just see if we can do that consistently. :)

JOYfilled Family said...

wonderful ideas. i know a solid priest who promotes the return of Catholics to an agrarian lifestyle. he is nearby clear lake. he would be a great resource for both options. i hope to speak with him soon. i will be happy to share if you're interested.

another option would be to record the speakers. i could afford the cost of a cd before i could afford the cost of travel.

callenshoneyfarm said...

A Catholic Land Movement is well worth everyone's efforts that can help.
Fred would be willing to write/contribute to the newsletter if you would like.
Many of us on the land will be tied down to our livestock at home but, God willing, some could travel. Travel and lodging could be a $ burden for those who have a great distance and possibly large families. Camping is less expensive. Time of year too would be a consideration to those already involved in the agrarian life.
We'd even go so far as to possibly host a gathering on our farm, although Clear Creek is way more appealing:)
A CFL conference would be a great excuse to visit the Monastery that we have always wanted to visit!
Having a good solid Catholic priest become involved in promoting this great way of life would be the icing on the cake.

Fiona said...

I think both are very viable options, and I'd be happy to help with either if I can! I'm not the most accomplished homesteader, but would give it my best shot! Thank you, Kevin!

Maresa Publishing said...

I would also start with the newsletter and organize something simple for this summer, the people that could not attend could then buy recorded CD of the speakers and a summary of the meetings.

David Meyer said...

I would be willing to contribute some writing. Perhaps something about "baby steps" that can be made for the wanna-be's like me who are just starting to make changes. There are lots of things people can do to start making big changes in their life toward a more Catholic Distributist and agrarian life even if they currently work in a cubicle and live in a skyscraper. I have a lot of encouraging ideas I could share, many of which I have implemented in my own family over the years.

If you're interested, contact me at:


Kristin | Living the Rustic Life said...

I would love to contribute to a newsletter, Kevin. I still live and work in the modern world but my boyfriend and I are striving to have our own farm for when we get married in the next year or so. We are so happy we found this blog! We had no idea there were so many traditional Catholic Distributists out there! We really thought we were the only ones. We live all the way out in Massachusetts but would love to become part of a movement and would even make efforts to come to a conference in the summer. This could be the beginning of something great. Never give up your incredible work.

If you'd like to contact either of us to write for the newsletter our emails are:

In Christ,