Saturday, October 2, 2010

On Continuity and Tradition

I have been thinking alot lately about the name of this blog. Where did I get the idea for a "Catholic Homesteading Movement?" Well I took it from others who were trying to homestead here in the U.S. over the past several decades. It seems to me that this modern homesteading movement is a continuation of the 60's land movement in some ways, but also with a particularly Catholic bent. I have been considering my usage of Catholic Homesteading Movement and have decided that for the sake of continuity with a previous tradition begun much earlier than the 60's I will refer to the movement as "The Catholic Land Movement." I have prayed on this and feel this is important because the homesteading movement itself often isolated individuals and was often a seeking of aloneness where the Catholic Land movement sought a restoration of truly Catholic Culture. The Homesteading Movement of the 60's was often very narrow and individualistic in its outlook whereas the Catholic Land Movement of Britain dealt on the level of family and community. Isolation was never a goal, but a true restoration of family and community on the land through the practic of distributism. I believe the Catholic Homesteading Movement is a mix of the two previous movements, but for the sake of tradition and continuity I will henceforth be referring to the movement as "The Catholic Land Movement" because I believe we truly are the inheritors of this great tradition. This is not to take a way from anything I have said prior to this, but rather a continued development of thought. I for a while thought the Catholic Homesteading Movement encompassed more than the original Catholic Land Movement. However, reflecting on this I found that my conception of the reality was quite backwards. Now that I am working towards the creation of a Catholic Land Community I see this more clearly. It was not so clear when I was only working towards getting back to the land. I think the homestead concept itself is very American and thus by nature individualistic. It tends toward isolation rather than community and thus a broader focus not only on getting back to the land any way possible, but also a focus on restoring Catholic Culture by means of a Catholic Land Community and the practice of distributism on some scale is a better understanding of what God desires. I appreciate all of your time as you continue to follow the developments and my continued musings on what God is doing.

In Christ,

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Jim Curley said...


I finally received your email to Requiem Press and replied. We first had a virus bite and then lightening took down my internet.

Would love to talk about your book sometime. I gave you contact info in your email.

God bless your efforts.