Monday, August 16, 2010

Old House: New House

I've been thinking alot about how in the world I am going to get a house. I don't really know much about building. I am from the country so I have a little experience with just about everything and am a naturally observant person, but I have never built a house. So as I have thought about this it came to me that I see farm houses all over the country that aren't being used and are being taxed. So I thought maybe somehow I could find one of these. Well as things happened I had someone contact me after I placed an add looking for old farmhouses on Craigslist. I went and saw the house tonight. It is full of beautiful old wood work. It has a carved walnut staircase and all hardwood floors. Also the roof doesn't leak. It will take me a while, but I think I just might tear this place down and rebuild it somewhere else. It will be alot of work, but it seems a truly good way to do things. Thes old farms are all over the nation and I've heard there are whole towns in Europe and Canada that are practically empty. This seems a viable way for people to get houses for little or no money. The guy who has my house doesn't want anything. He just doesn't want to pay taxes on it anymore. He also wants the front door. I guess that's alright if I get a house in the deal. Admittedly it won't be that simple to just move a houese, but at least it will provide alot of materials for us to build a house. This is definitely something worth considering if you are hoping to live the homesteading life.



TheresaFrances said...

You could have a big rig move your home if you aren't going far. However, that could be expensive and I believe the further you go, the more risk you have of damaging the structure.

Homeward Bound said...

I have thought about that, but my point in getting this house is that it is free and I don't have much money. Moving it is very cost prohibitive and since the house is 140-150 years old I don't know how well it would move. I'm not taking it far, but I also want to tear out walls to add insulation and put a new roof on. Taking it apart is probably the best way to go.