Saturday, April 11, 2009

The Paradigm of Progress

"Let us build a tower that will reach Heaven..." Man has always tried to do things his own way. This way has not always been good for his relationship with God. The men of Babel tried to build a tower to the Heavens. The same temptation is found here as is found in the Garden of Eden. "You shall be like gods." Is this not the problem with modernity and its atheistic humanist perspectives. There is this problem that if we can do it then we shold do it. Instead of asking the first most basic question: "Ought we do it at all." Progress in todays world has become our almighty God and Savior. Through progress man shall free himself of the shackles of death, disease, and suffering. Even our science and especially our science based on flawed Darwinian ideas of evolution sees man as a beast that must evolve to the point of being immortal. Now our science with its eugenic outlook denies the dignity of man and seeks to exalt man to the level of god. We live in a world where the only truth is our own truth. Maybe it is time to slow down and take a look around and see what progress has truly wrought. Has my car, cell phone, radio, tv, ipod, etc truly made me happier. I don't want to confuse happiness or better put Blessedness with pleasure. Indeed those inventions of man bring comfort, ease, and pleasure, but do they bring betterment of mankind. We should measure ourselves against the ideal man: Jesus Christ. What do we know of this man who was God and Man. We know that He loved to the point of giving his life and dying on a Cross. Does our progress aid us in becoming more like Him? You can be the judge, but I will put in my 2 cents worth. Most of our modern inventions aid man in becoming a sluggish, lazy, egotistical, self-absorbed, beastly, passive wretch. There, I have spoken my mind. As John Senior so aptly puts it: " The labor of love has been destroyed along with the labor." A car may make it easy to get to work quickly, but it also made it so that we would drive ridiculous distances by way of the car thus losing much time with families. Family spread across the country and Love turn cold and hard in a cold and hard world. The television makes you a passive slug, unable to think on your own, unable to use your God-given intellect that separates you from the Beasts. Is this really what we mean by Progress! Progress ought not to be Nihilism, but rather the fulfillment of Man. It ought to make us more fully human. If we don't work we will not know what it is like to be man, and if our inventions take away the time we would have spent in prayer then we will not know what it is like to be called a Son of God. I call everyone to thoroughly examine their lives. Throw out that which is not for your own good. Replace that wasted time with that which is good. Spend time with family. Get out a rake and hoe and plant a garden. You can even grow one on a balcony. Let us progress to a better state for man, where life may be harder, but it will definitely be better, and again man may find true happiness in his Summum Bonum: God.
Kevin Ford

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